Modular construction was born in Europe in the middle of XX century and during these years has made a significant step forward showing high demand on prefabricated buildings.

Today it is one of the fastest developing construction segment allowing in the shortest time to build residential, commercial and office buildings with a high level of energy efficiency and architectural attractiveness with minimal efforts.

Prefabricated buildings - is not just a set of technical and decorative solutions.

In the basis of production of modular buildings is always comprehensive architectural concept that brings together constructive and aesthetic merits of the house into a single harmonious in order of magnitude increases their efficiency. And every day somewhere in the world the new modular building is being constructed for the new clients!

In Russia modular construction is only in its beginning and there is still long way to develop in a kind it exists in foreign countries.


Elmaco customers for prefabricated buildings have long appreciated their technical perfection and operational universality.

But today a lot of our customers pay more serious attention to the external aesthetics, design of modular buildings as well as the level of comfort of the internal space. Money is not anymore the only case to make a choice for the cheapest products as it was in the past.

Elmaco monitors market of modern pre-fabricated buildings, carefully taking over the world's most interesting design solutions, adapts and creatively transforms the best trendy concepts for implementation in Russia.

Each presented architectural concept is:

  • the advanced world experience in the modular buildings design;
  • the best modern building technologies and materials;
  • adaptability for technical and climate conditions to be used in Russia;
  • high level of energy efficiency and security;
  • quick manufacturing and assembling.

The very important advantage of Elmaco prefabricated buildings is ergonomic design of structures that meets international standards and modern ideas about comfortable residential and work space!